About us

Where we start from

Hello everyone, nice to meet you. I’m Samuele, the founder of Milano Restaurant Group.
Our adventure began in 2008 with the purchase of our first restaurant, Il Cestino. Together with my brother Giuseppe we have worked with passion and dedication expanding our business, and now having 14 restaurants throughout Milan.

Our dream was born from the passion for cuisine passed down to us by our parents who opened their first restaurant in 1992, a small welcoming place with typical Milanese cuisine that attracted customers from everywhere. Giuseppe and I grew up in this context rich in traditions and we learned the art of cooking and the value of hospitality from an early age.

Over time, we understood that our dream went beyond just one local and with enthusiasm and determination, we opened a second restaurant. Each new opening representd a challenge but also an opportunity to grow and offer something unique to our customers. In just a few years we have opened four restaurants, each with its own identity but all sharing the same philosophy: focus on the customer and satisfy their every need.

Where we arrived

Today, Milano Restaurant Group is the result of years of commitment and passion, which allow us to proudly manage 14 restaurants in the most central and strategic areas of Milan. Each restaurant reflects excellence, love for cooking and attention to details, values that have distinguished us since the beginning.

The numerous sacrifices made along the way have made what we are today possible. However, this would not have been possible without the support of our customers who choose us every day.

Our story is still in progress with new projects and increasingly bigger ambitions.

We are ready to explore new paths, to continue to grow, always keeping at the center the values that have guided us since day one: hospitality, passion, quality and authenticity.



Localizzati nelle zone più strategiche di Milano

mappa ristoranti Milano Restaurant Group

Where our restaurants are located

Between Brera, Isola, Corso Sempione and Central Station, they are all located in the most strategic areas of Milan, easily reachable either on foot because they are close to the main points of interest in the city, or by car or public transport.